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Pull-down beds for parents installed on Paddington Ward

Huge thanks to the Hannah Payne Memorial Trust, David Goldman and the Friends of NGH, donations from each have purchased 10 pull-down beds for Paddington ward.

pull down beds donors

pull down bed 2We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Hannah Payne Memorial Trust whose latest generous donation of £16,086 allowed us to provide six pull-down beds for Paddington ward.  This incredible Trust has very kindly donated in excess of £84,000 to the charity since 2009, supporting different areas!!

Huge thanks also goes to David Goldman who raised over £7,000 at his 50th birthday golf celebrations.  David has so far raised more than £14,000 for us since 2016!  A further £4,000 came from a donation made by the Friends of NGH.  These two combined  enabled the purchase of a further four beds.

These pull-down beds enable parents to get some rest while their child is in hospital.  Stored in the wall, they simply pull down when required so they don’t take up much space at all.  Before these were installed the ward made use of ten fold away beds.  Not only time consuming but these also took up lots of their much needed storage space.

Alison Waples, Lead Nurse PHDU (Paediatric High Dependency Unit) explains how they “have made a tremendous difference to the comfort and facilities available to the parents that spend the night with their children whilst here on the ward.  The new beds are very easy to use and can be stored upright with the sheets on so easy to access for the next night.  We really appreciate the support of the charity as without the donors these beds would not have been possible!

The Mayor and Mayoress of Northampton kindly visited Paddington for the presentation with ward staff and our generous donors.

Thanking you all for your amazing support!

NGH Hospital Beds

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