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Northampton Heart Support Group donates £3,402 to the Heart Centre!

Big thanks to the Northampton Heart Support Group, who following their disbandment have donated a final £3,402 to the Heart Centre at NGH!

Northampton Heart Support Group

The Heart Centre at NGH was privileged to receive a final donation of £3,402 from the Northampton Heart Support Group.

After 30 years and due to a reduction in new members, this local group is folding.  Set up to give support to people who had had a heart attack, and their families, it allowed patients and their loved ones to talk to people that had shared similar experiences.  However, with advances in technology people are recovering from heart attacks much quicker than they used to and are thus returning to work.  This means there is no longer the same level of need for the service.

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Cox thanked the group for their latest generous donation and said that they would like to use the money for an e-connection between 24-hour ECG and hospital software.  This connection would give access to 24-hour ECG results to all departments across the hospital that needs them.  Over the years, the Northampton Heart Support Group has donated almost £9,000 in total!

We will remain forever grateful that they continued to think of the hospital over the years and we are thankful for this final donation from the group.



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