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Brightening up Haematology and Room 8 on Talbot Butler

Wall coverings brighten up the view

Wallpaper for TB

Talbot Butler Ward Acting Sister Emma Cuthbert with the wall covering in Room 8 on the ward

The charity has recently funded two beautiful coverings in haematology and on Talbot Butler ward.   The wallpaper in haematology was the idea of Netty Steele, haematology Sister, as she thought the area used in the department by young adults needed to be brightened.

The window in room 8 on Talbot Butler ward looked directly out on to a brick wall, so Talbot Butler Ward Acting Sister Emma Cuthbert asked if the charity could fund some colourful window films to improve the view.

The windows have been covered with a film depicting a relaxing scene and have made a real difference to the otherwise dark room.  Emma said “It’s fantastic how the room has been transformed by these windows coveringsthe patients on the ward are commenting on how it is such an improvement”.

Wallpaper for Haem

Wallpaper in Haematology



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