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Do it for dementia

The Do if For Dementia campaign has been set up to help raise the awareness of dementia care and to raise £50,000 to enhance the dementia care given.

The £50,000 raised will be used to create dementia friendly spaces around Northampton General Hospital and buy equipment and resources that will help reduce confusion, anxiety and distress for patients.

The aim is to make the whole hospital more dementia friendly as there is no specific ward for dementia patients.  Patients are put onto the wards that are relevant to their injury/illness that they came in with and dementia is their secondary illness.

How the Do it For Dementia campaign is going to benefit patients

Every donation received really makes a difference and will help create the following:

Therapy Suite room

With the money raised we will enhance the existing therapy area and conjoined kitchen facilities by transforming them from a clinical area into a homely setting.  This will give confused patients, who are disorientated by the hospital environment, a quieter and more home like space to spend time reminiscing and speed their recovery.

The kitchen area will be used for working with dementia patients on functional skills like preparing food and drinks in breakfast /lunch/baking groups.

The therapy area will be used by patients and therapists for memory work, reminiscence therapy and physical exercise.

Garden Area
We would like to transform an existing bare garden into a tranquil and colourful area that has seating which will provide an alternative therapy area for the patients. Having the garden will enable the patients to enjoy a non-clinical space outside where they can touch and smell the plants in easily accessible raised planters.

Memory / Activity boxes – Cognitive stimulation equipment

Having a memory/activity box on each ward will mean that patients will have access to items which will help engage them in activities which are therapeutic or mentally stimulating.

The boxes will be equipped with items such as flash cards with old familiar famous faces, gardening magazines and games such as dominoes, things that will encourage conversation and interaction and are therapeutically beneficial for their wellbeing.

If you would like further information or to support the Do it for Dementia fundraising
please do not hesitate to contact the Charity team here at the hospital:  

Email: | Telephone:  01604 545857
Please make cheques payable to Northamptonshire Health Charitable Fund

Thank you  For your support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Do it for Dementia Fund Raising Stories
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