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Northamptonshire Adult School Organisation donates £190 to Historical Archives

Thank you to Eric Frost and NASO for their generous donation for Historical Archives, in memory of Doreen Frost.

Historical Archive volunteer Sue Longworth with Eric Frost

The Historical Archive at NGH recently received a cheque for £190 from the Northamptonshire Adult School Organisation (NASO).  This was to honour a long serving member of NASO, Doreen Frost who with her husband, Eric, worked tirelessly for the organisation.  This very thoughtful donation has made it possible for Historical Archives to purchase a custom-made box to house a folio in the collection, which was published in 1646.

Doreen and Eric Frost had previously visited the archive to tell the story of Doreen’s encounter with the Duke of York in 1930 whilst she was a patient in Manfield Orthopaedic Hospital.  It was at that meeting Mr and Mrs Frost expressed an interest in the work of the archive volunteers in preserving the collection.  The acid free box will protect the folio from further deterioration for at least 50 years.

Eric was joined by Beryl Andrews of NASO and his daughter and son-in-law for a presentation at which Historical Archive volunteer Sue Longworth presented and discussed the bespoke box and the folio it will protect.

About the folio

 “The Works of Hildanus” by Wilhelm Fabricius Hildanus was published in 1646.  He was the first educated and scientific German surgeon and was often called the “Father of German Surgery.”

The copy we hold was donated to the infirmary library in 1812 by Mr William Walcot of Oundle.  It had come from his late father’s medical library also William Walcot, who was a doctor in Oundle.

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