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NEW state-of-the-art Ophthalmoscope for Gosset!

Huge thanks goes to Di Ward & Kislingbury Village who raised money for Gosset last year, allowing them to purchase a superb new ophthalmoscope.

Di Ward Gosset presentation

L-R Udayangani Tennekumbura – clinical fellow, Sohaib Rufai (at back) – Speciality Trainee ophthalmologist, Ian Fearnley – consultant ophthalmologist, Grace Rogers & Di Ward

Mr Fearnley with OphthalmoscopeWe are so very grateful for the amazing and continued support from Di Ward’s fantastic community fundraising in Kislingbury Village.

Last year, the wonderful residents of Kislingbury raised an amazing £6,460 for Gosset!!  This has allowed the ward to purchacloth bagsse a new state-of-the-art ophthalmoscope.

The perfect thing about this brand new equipment is that it allows medical staff to examine a baby’s eyes in a much less invasive way.

It works by taking a digital picture that can then be investigated further.

Di Ward came in to meet staff on Gosset last week and to see the new equipment bought with the funds raised, and how it works.

In the picture above, consultant ophthalmologist Ian Fearnley demonstrates the new equipment.  To the right, is a picture showing Ward Manager Grace Rogers with the lovely cloth bags Di also donates.  These are well-received by the parents who’s babies stay on Gosset.

Thank you so much for your continued support for us, Di.

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