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Houghton Hams raise an INCREDIBLE £32,770.28 for Gosset!!!

Houghton Hams with Staff on Gosset

A MONUMENTALLY MASSIVE THANK YOU to the Wagstaff family & friends, and Houghton Hams for donating over £32,000 for Gosset to buy a Giraffe Incubator!!!

Houghton Hams very kindly selected Gosset Ward as the focus for their charity fundraising for 2017.  We are so incredibly grateful to Nigel Wagstaff, his family and friends, and to this wonderful family run company. Their huge and very generous donation has allowed Gosset to buy a state of the art Giraffe incubator!!

The total raised reached a staggering £32,770.28!!!  This was raised via a number of different ways, including a donation of £400 made by someone that happened to hear Nigel talking on BBC Radio Northampton about the fundraising Houghton Hams was doing for Gosset.

The Big Red Gig back in February 2017 itself raised around £11,000, getting the fundraising off to a fantastic start!!  A charity golf day followed, as wegiraffe incubatorll as raffles and auctions with numerous donations all counting towards that eye-watering total!!

All of the amazing hard work raising this money has enabled Gosset ward to purchase a brilliant state of the art incubator.  This Giraffe omnibed care station will make a world of difference to the babies being cared for, and to their mothers.

The incubator is able to adjust in height meaning there is space for a wheelchair underneath it for mothers to be closer to their baby, something which is invaluable in the early stages of life.  Other features include being able to weigh the babies so they don’t have to be disturbed and taken out of the warm incubator.Nigel Wagstaff talking to staff on Gosset

Nigel explained, “When I first discussed the initial request…it touched a nerve as both Jo and myself were indebted to the fantastic love and care that [our son] Paul received from the ward and the use of an incubator at the time. During the last 12 months whilst raising funds many people have offered their support, many with touching and moving stories.”

Nigel and Jo came in to the hospital with Julie Blayney to present the new Giraffe incubator to Doctor Nick Barnes and Ward Sister Grace Rogers on Gosset.  The staff on the ward are truly grateful to have been able to buy such a piece of equipment that makes a huge difference to mother and baby.

Sign for incubator“…I just wanted to thank you all for your collective endeavour over the last year, a very significant fundraising drive which has been so palpably to our current and future patients’ benefit. Selfishly-speaking, it was very nice to stop for a few minutes today and hear about your life outside our unit, and spend some time showing you what a difference the support you have offered has made.” Dr Nick Barnes

Our very heartfelt thanks goes to Nigel, Jo and everybody involved with the Houghton Hams fundraising leading to this incredible amount.

Thank you all so much for such phenomenal support!!!

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