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Hedley Williams cycles solo to raise over £2,000 for the Diabetes Centre

 Our thanks to Hedley Williams who has raised more than £2,000 by completing a mammoth solo bike ride from the South coast to the North coast of France!

Hedley Williams Diabetes Centre

Cycling solo from the South coast to the North coast of France would be a remarkable achievement for anyone.  For Hedley Williams it is an exceptional achievement for an exceptional man!  Hedley has type-1 diabetes and recently raised more than £2,000 for the Diabetes Centre at the hospital by doing this epic bike ride.  Having to manage the condition with all of the potential issues it can present, especially with exercise, is no easy task.

We send our huge heartfelt thanks to Hedley who came in recently to present a cheque for £2,032 to staff in the Diabetes Centre.  He wanted to thank them for all of the support they have provided to him over the years, and so they can continue to support others living with diabetes.  Senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse Eileen Richardson said, “Hedley is always so positive about his management of diabetes and he is such an inspiration to others!”

Eileen advises how the money raised could go towards a new Fusion Podiatry Chair for their weekly specialist foot clinic, as well as towards purchasing information booklets for patients.

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