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Generous donation purchases syringe drivers for NGH

A big thank you to Jill Stewart & family for a donation of £2,202 which has allowed the purchase of two new syringe drivers.

Jill Stewart

L-R: Dolly Barron, Jill Stewart, Cathy Leyland, Julie Melvin

We are hugely grateful to Dr Jill Stewart and family for their very generous donation of £2,202 earlier this year.  The donation was made so that two new McKinley syringe pumps could be purchased.  These pumps are used right across the hospital so they will be of such a huge benefit in helping to enhance patient care by helping to reduce waiting times when they are required.

Prior to retirement Jill was an Oncologist at the hospital.  She and the family wanted to make a donation for these syringe pumps to increase the number available and as a thank you for the superlative care her mother received at the hospital following a heart attack.

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