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Evie whisks up cakes for Paddington Ward

Noah Kendall was only 9 weeks old when he was on Paddington ward with Bronchiolitis. His big sister Evie, 8 years old, wanted to do something to say thank you to the staff for making him better again.

So Evie baked and sold over 600 cup cakes to family and friends to raise £500 for the ward!

Evie came in to present her donation (and some cakes) to the staff on the ward

Evie giving her cakes to the staff on the ward

The ward have purchased a new training doll which staff can practise on when training.  Chris Wood, Sister of Paddington ward showed Evie a doll like the one she has bought, so she knows how it is going to help them and babies just like her brother.  Evie even got to name the two dolls Molly and Holly!

Chris Wood showing Evie what the doll can doEvie's noteEvie presenting her cheque

Thank you Evie for baking all of those cakes to raise money to help the ward.

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