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Donation for NGH Macmillan Nurses in memory of Janet Clyde.

A heartfelt thank you to Floria Clyde and family for the £333 donation for Haematology & Oncology Macmillan Nurses, in memory of her daughter Janet.


Our heartfelt thanks to Floria Clyde and family who have kindly donated £333 in aid of the Macmillan Nurses in the Haematology and Oncology departments.  The donation is in memory of Floria’s daughter, Janet Clyde.  “Crazy and full of life”, Janet used to work in Medical Records at the hospital prior to being diagnosed, aged 40.  She has three daughters and two granddaughters who miss her very dearly.

Floria sang the praises of staff for all of the care her daughter received as a patient, commenting how they were absolutely amazing, give 110% and that the family cannot thank them enough.  Floria came in with her friend Anne Coyne (who works in ITU) to hand over the donation to Lead Nurse, Liz Summers.

Floria Clyde


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