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Clubberciser Kate Beck raises over £4,000 for Oncology!!!

A huge thank you to Kate Beck who, with the help of her Clubbercise glow family has been raising money in aid of the Oncology department!

Kate Beck presentation 1

L-R Bridget Elliott, Julie Wyatt, Rob Atley, Jo Sanders, Kate Beck, Marie Tur, Debbie Smith & Rachel Bussey.

Kate Beck is an inspiration!  Even before receiving the all-clear following treatment for cervical cancer, she started fundraising in aid of the Oncology department.  Kate was accepted on to the clinical trial Interlace as part of her treatment and after the very tough journey that followed, she was determined to raise money for the department to thank them for the care and support she received.

Prior to diagnosis, Clubbercise Northampton with Marie Tur was a huge passion for her and throughout treatment Kate’s “Glow” family provided an incredible amount of support.  This included turning up to flash mob her driveway one evening, as well as visiting for afternoon tea and dedicating a Wonder Woman themed session to her.  Marie then chose to run a 2-hour Glow Party event, both to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the class and to help with the fundraising.

Smashing well and truly through the initial target of £1,000 early on, the total raised so far is a fantastic £4,056.21!!  As well as being sponsored for the 2-hour Glow Party, money was raised in a number of ways.  These included a raffle with some cracking prizes and glow paints were sold on the day of the event.  Kate, Marie and Natasha came in dressed in full clubbercise attire, including that glorious glow paint, to present a cheque to Oncology staff.  There was even a chance to film a boomerang clip!!

Kate was able to catch up with Clinical Research Radiographer Rachel Bussey, as well as Radiographers Jo Sanders and Julie Wyatt.  She also had the chance to catch up with Hair Care Co-ordinator Debbie Smith, as some of the funds raised will go towards purchasing new cooling caps and other head wear/hair care and make-up items to help patients undergoing chemotherapy.  Naturally, hair loss can be a very distressing side-effect of treatment so Debbie offers invaluable support to patients at a very vulnerable time for them.

Thank you so much to Kate, Marie, all of your Clubbercise family and to everyone who kindly donated towards this fantastic total!

Kate Beck Presentation 2



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