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Cameron Sheikh raises more funds for Do it for Dementia

A huge thank you to Cameron Sheikh who has been raising more money for the Do it for Dementia appeal!

Do it for Dementia presentation

We would like to say a huge thank you to Cameron Sheikh for his continued support for the Do it for Dementia appeal at the hospital.  Cameron has been raising awareness and fundraising for the appeal for a few years as it is a subject very close to him and his family.   Last year, he ran two half marathons AND a full marathon all in the very same month.  In doing so, he raised a fantastic £2,340!!  The fundraising he did the previous year means the overall total is now at almost £4,040!  The money raised previously went towards purchasing Dementia activity boxes.  Thanks to these boxes on the wards, patients have access to items that will help engage them in activities which are therapeutic and mentally stimulating.

Dementia Activity BoxCameron recently came in to present this latest cheque to Dementia Liaison Nurse Catherine Lowe and to discuss things that can be done to enhance care for dementia patients.  The above picture is taken in the new day room on Abington Ward, a room that provides a different, familiar and more sensory environment for patients.

Cameron has also signed up to become a “dementia buddy” volunteer.  This is a specially trained volunteer able to provide companionship and conversation to dementia patients.  These volunteers can also help patients with therapeutic and mentally stimulating activities, including making good use of the activity boxes.  Or, perhaps even by just accompanying them for a walk for a complete change of scenery.

This is a much-needed volunteer service so if you would like to consider becoming a dementia buddy, or you know anyone else who would, please do get in contact with the Volunteers Service at the hospital.


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