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BHIB Insurance chooses Gosset to benefit from their fundraising

Thanks to BHIB Insurance for choosing Gosset Ward to benefit from their fundraising activities this year!

BHIB Insurance Presentation

We are very grateful to BHIB Insurance Brokers for choosing Gosset ward as one of the beneficiaries of their fundraising activities this year.

Managing Director Julie Walker and Fundraising Coordinator Sally Bland came in to the hospital to present a cheque for £1,300 to Ward Manager Grace Rogers and staff.  This was made in conjunction with one of the local company’s partner insurers, Ecclesiastical.

The staff at BHIB Insurance all nominate charities they would like the company to support.  The management then make a final decision on which ones will benefit from their regular fundraising.  We are delighted we were chosen as one of their recognised charities for 2018 with their donations supporting Gosset.

There is a personal connection too.  Sally’s son was a patient on the old neo-natal ward when it was located in another part of the hospital 36 years ago.  Grace told them the engaging story behind the pioneer Dr Gosset, who the ward is named after.  She also advised the money would allow them to purchase a photo-therapy light for treating babies with jaundice.

As part of the regular activities and events the company runs each month staff will be taking part in an upcoming walk.  We look forward to hearing all  about these events and thank everyone at BHIB Insurance for this amazing support!

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