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Beauty evening for the Urology Team

Kelsey Power and Louisa Howson organised a beauty evening and raffle to raise money to thank the Urology team for their fantastic care; when family friend, Ian Wright was diagnosed with Prostate cancer.

The raffle had lots of prizes donations from local businesses. Friends and family all bought tickets and £300 was raised in just 3 days!!  With the beauty evening and raffle, £700 was raised for the department!  It was such a lovely thing for the girls to do!

Ian’s wife Lorraine said “We are so happy that monies raised have gone to hopefully make a little difference in raising awareness for all men and prostate cancer.  Here they are below presenting the donation to the department:

Lorraine Wright presentation

We feel so blessed, so lucky that Ian’s prostate cancer was diagnosed in time,” Lorraine Wright

Why they chose the Urology department…

A year ago Ian went to a couple of funerals of men who had sadly died of prostate cancer. Whilst conversations took place, symptoms they had etc, Ian asked the nurse during a routing blood tests to check his P.S.A level as he believed he had some of these symptoms. His levels were slightly raised and his biopsies came back 90% cancer and nodule attached.

The specialist told Ian if he hadn’t have had those blood tests, he probably would have had roughly 2 years. He was treated with 4 weeks of radiotherapy and hormone therapy. Recently Ian has had a 3month blood test and his P.S.A level is very low still.


For more details on prostate cancer and P.S.A levels visit the prostate cancer uk website


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